Your First Job

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten hired for your first job! Now what?!

File your W-4

With every job you start, you’ll be given an IRS form W-4 to fill out. This form will determine how much is withheld every week from your paycheck towards taxes. Remember, this does not change how much you actually pay in taxes, more specifically it determines when you pay your taxes.

If you want a larger payckeck every week and are willing to get a smaller refund in April, use a higher number. If you want a smaller paycheck with a fat tax refund check, use a smaller number.

Set up direct deposit

Direct deposit is offered by most employers and is generally to everyone’s benefit. The employer doesn’t have to worry about the cost of paper checks, or replacing checks that workers lose or forget to cash. The worker gets the benefit of pay that is sent directly to their bank account, often times a day earlier than paper checks get issued.

Determine your savings goals

Maximize your perks