10 Steps to Being an Adult

  1. Get a Job
    Seems pretty straight forward right? Well, the nature of the jobs landscape has changed radically over the last few years. I think it will continue on that path as well, leaving many people making far less money than they can or should. Some trades are being phased out by technology, others stand firm in the face of it. Tech jobs are certainly leading the way, but there are dozens of jobs in the $30-50k+ range that don’t require a 4 or even 2 year degree. If you’re making less than $15/hour it’s time for an upgrade.
  2. Build your human capital
    It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The power of a strong sphere of influence cannot be understated. Put aside the petty high school drama, and stop worrying about what’s in it for you. Be kind, teach what you know, help those less fortunate than you, pay it forward not back.
  3. Build your credit
    There’s one small hidden number that will follow you your entire life, and can sharply influence your path: your FICO score. It’s easier than you think to have great credit; start early, automate; budget.
  4. Plan for your future
    Think ahead 5, 15, 50 years. Work towards your goals; buying a house, having a family, sending your kids to school.
  5. Insure yourself
    The first thing that pops into your mind is probably health insurance, but that’s only one tiny facet. A three month cushion in your savings account; that’s insurance. The spare tire in your trunk; that’s insurance. Now add a gas can, a flashlight, tire pressure gauge, and jumper cables, and you’re set up to avoid a lot of minor troubles. I’m a huge proponent of renter’s insurance, AAA memberships, spare house keys, and always carrying at least $40 in cash, as various types of insurance.
  6. Find your hustle
  7. Pursue your passions and hobbies
  8. Do your own research
  9. Be curious and be humble